Best Sites for Graphs & Data Tracking of the Coronavirus

Today the world is suffering from the common problem which is known as the Coronavirus which has taken many lives up till now. Fever, cough, health issues and difficulty in breathing are some of the symptoms of coronavirus. This virus has spread from China and now it has reached every possible destination on earth.

Most of the people are looking online to stay informed about the current scenario. In this article we will list some best sites for graphs & data tracking of the coronavirus. It is because the numerical data is not enough to get full awareness of the situation.


List of Best Coronavirus Tracking Websites

Following is the list which includes the best sites for graphs & data tracking of the Coronavirus.

  1. ┬áTrackCorona – (
  2. The COVID Tracking Project
  3. 91-DIVOC
  4. TrackCov19 – (
  5. Worldometers
  6. JHU Dashboard


Only the infected number does not tell the whole story. The number of tests performed and their out coming result is also important. So what is the ratio of positive and negative test results? Which leads to very important clues about the situation.

This tracking site not only gives the number of infected people but also gives the information on what is the ratio of positive and negative cases.



If we can control the spreading of the virus then our hospitals will not get overwhelmed. 91-DIVOC site is created by University of Illinois, which takes the data from Stanford dashboard and plots it on the graph. With this graph we can compare different countries with the USA since the time when 100 cases have been reported. This chart has used the logarithmic values.

Normally other charts can give valuable results but when it comes to logarithmic graphs you get the most accurate results. These graphs can even show the very small up and down fluctuations. So this site is specially for scientists who are studying this virus in very detail.



Worldometers is the general reference site which gives the data in the graphs and data. This site draws the data from media, government agencies and mostly from the Johns Hopkins maps. Worldometers was hacked in march and many fake statistics were posted which created a lot of panic.

No need to worry now because this site has cleared all the false data and now it is showing the accurate and fresh data regarding coronavirus.

This leads us to that, many online sites provide misleading data just to create panic. So be sure that while getting information from any site you cross check the information. Let’s have a look on the graph from Worldometers showing the latest statistics.


Johns Hopkins University Dashboards

Johns Hopkins University is providing an online dashboard to get the data and graphs of the Coronavirus and its own map. Johns Hopkins University is the best site for the graphs & data tracking of the coronavirus.

These graphs provide most precise results in no time. To let you guys be aware of the situation this site updates many times a day. This is the site most commonly used to graph and data tracking of the coronavirus because it provides the latest data.

This University has assembled one of the most easy and simple ways to track worldwide cases. They collect data from 17 different sources and tallies the data from country to country or even cities to cities. Even many of the above mentioned websites use data from Johns Hopkins University.

Graphs and visual data provides a lot of information in just an instant. So if you are a beginner and want to analyze world data then this site will help you a lot. Here I have collected the latest graph from this site, let’s have a look on it.

Other than these there are many more sites that provide graphs and data tracking of the coronavirus but many of them give false information just to mislead and create panic. In this article I have most of the best sites for graphs & data tracking of the Coronavirus.




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